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Subsystem of data processing and knowledge of the authorities in the Russian Federation subjects


A.L. Butov, A.T. Mirgaleev, V.V. Teplova, S.U. Chelyshov

Due to the fact that in order to create a conceptual model of information-analytical system (IAS), on the basis of the developed models of knowledge it is necessary to develop structural and functional organization (SFO) IAS agents. In the work the results of studies on the creation and use of knowledge bases in the information-analytical system of government are presented. It was developed structural and functional organization of information-analytical system of government, allowing the use of a quantitative assessment of situations natural language semistructured data model and infological database. As a result, the authors developed software that confirms the results of theoretical studies, and identifies directions for further research
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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