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Methods of assessing the accuracy of homing systems with a combined airborne coordinator goals in a random change of structure


S.V. Bachevsky, E.G. Borisov, L.S. Tournetsky

A new method that uses a description of the functioning of the homing systems, equipped with dual – radar and airborne infrared focal goal, a mathematical model of a Markov process. It allows analytically to obtain expressions for non-stationary time probability density instantaneous slip in different measurement conditions and to analyze the effects of forming and testing of controls on the accuracy of the assessment system. Transitions from one state to another are carried out any possible jumps at random times, determined by external conditions. Shown that the use of the proposed method to calculate the slip are many structural homing systems, functioning as the principle of combining data and by combining diverse information, subject to random changes in the structure and principles of the system caused by exposure to noise
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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