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Target monopulse direction finding in the inverse bistatic of reception сoncerning the airborne radar


E.A. Layko

One of the important problems of the radar reserve ground controlled interception stations in semi-active and combined control systems is the necessity of long-term emission apart the taking bearings air object. One may raise the reserve of ground control media applying the reverse or inverted semi-active guidance system, which is based on the fact that CO emits itself apart the taking bearings air object, and the reflected AO signals are taking by the ground control station (CS). In this case, the ground CS according to the reflected AO signals angles must determine the AO mismatching angels relatively the optical axis of the CO antenna. The question arises, are there mismatching angels measurements on the ground between the direction apart the taking bearings AO and the direction of the CO antenna optical axis according the emitted CO antenna signals. The purpose of work is to prove the method of radiation of the radio waves by antenna apart AO and the method of their processing on the ground for the measuring AO bearing relatively CO
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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