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Methods and algorithms in the process of optimal control multicomponent general anesthesia


V.M. Sokolskiy

Traditionally analyzed during anesthesia, hemodynamic parameters did not accurately reflect the nature and causes of change in the patient's condition, so there is need for rapid (real time), receipt and analysis of the calculated integral physiological parameters. Anesthetist must submit all necessary information about the current status of the patient. Selected as the most informative method of constructing an integrated multisystem nomogram. The problem of optimal control of the process of multicomponent anesthesia. Development of control method was carried out through a decomposition of the problem to be solved by dividing her for a few more simple, functionally complete tasks. Using the developed mathematical model of the process of anesthesia is calculated the following values: cardiac index, cardiac output, ejection fraction, stroke index, oxygen delivery index, stroke volume index of left ventricular cardiac output blood flow, vascular resistance index. The first stage of the calculation of control action is based on anthropometric data of the patient and the pharmacokinetic characteristics of the selected drugs, depending on the duration and extent of surgical intervention on the basis of the desired drug concentration in blood. Control action on the patient's system is implemented using four infusion syringe dispensers used for input analgesic, neuroleptic, hypnotic and relaxant. The system generates the optimal control action on the basis of specified criteria for optimality and the data from the bedside patient monitor, monitor, measure hearing ringing potentials as a monitor of neuromuscular conduction. To implement the above method in Visual Studio2010 environment designed algorithm. The program is written in C #. In the design used object-oriented approach. As a database server using SQL Server2008 R2. The main problems to be solved is to organize the data on the interblock interaction taking into account the characteristics of real-time, to prevent the loss of re-entering the information, following optimality criterion to establish the necessary priority to incoming data packets to follow the errors, analyze their causes and take measures for their elimination, organize exception handling. The described method and the algorithm was applied in a real system with the introduction of which has improved security anesthetic to maximally protect the patient from the appearance of medical errors, reduce the consumption of drugs used
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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