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Realization of a method of the distributed control and adaptive management of multilevel system


P.A. Budko, G.P. Doroshenko, G.A. Ershov, A.V. Mukhin, N.P. Budko

The method of the distributed control of multilevel system using a stage-by-stage decision-making principle in interests local, regional and global control systems for the purpose of reduction of volumes of the operating information circulating in system and increase of efficiency of use of network resources is offered. Thus at the first stage on the generalized indicator the system on working capacity inspect and, in case of detection of an abnormal situation (blocking or an overload), at the subsequent stages as a result of more careful control judge its valid condition. Such procedure of control leads to considerable reduction of time of checks and volumes of the measuring information circulating on system. The block of decision-making consisting from the recognition device, the detection device, the identification device is developed. The count of recognition of classes of a technical condition of system is offered. The condition is received, allowing to find optimum value of thresholds of the classification providing the minimum error of control. Method realization is considered on an example of work of the block of decision-making on a technical condition of system modes: current control, an estimation of errors of control and training
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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