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Research of a heart rhythm disorder dynamics


A.A. Kuznetsov

For research of a heart rhythm diagram (HRD) storey structures disorder dynamics a category of information quantity and entropy are applied. On the communication theory basis the information-measuring program module «Entropy Plotter and Calculator» is developed, allowing in digital and graphic formats to carry out rhythm grams entropy analysis, and in a test mode of variable adjustments to determine an optimum mode of their processing and the analysis. The set of an experimental material was spent by the current monitoring with ECG registration with the help of out-patient registration electric cardio signal licensed complex «AnnAFlash 3000». According to the anamnesis and data processing of 372 surveyed ill and healthy people an organism functional condition levels and stability are compared to settlement values of informational entropy and of a heart rhythm diagrams disorder dynamics, accordingly. The offered techniques of processing and the graphic analysis of a heart rhythm diagrams: «vector diagrams», «informational and entropy maps», have allowed at the current heart rhythm monitoring in an automatic mode to determine changes of an organism functional condition level and efficiency of realization of clinical procedures on a degree of a HRD disorder structures. Efficiency of application of the processing and the analysis offered techniques grows with growth of a heart rhythm monitoring time interval. It is revealed, that the intensification external regulating influences on a heart rhythm results in a deviation of distribution on HRD from the normal law, and their frequency characteristics are defined by means of comparative spectral analysis of HRD and the appropriate digital lines of «window» values of the information quantity
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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