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The mathematical modelling and circuit simulation of oscillators and frequency modulators with a three-terminal nonlinear element to be placed ahead of a matching reactive four-terminal network and after it. the series connection of a nonlinear element and feedback path


A.A. Golovkov, V.N. Dimitrenko

The mathematical models are constructed for multi-frequency oscillators and frequency modulators with the increased quasi-linear region of the control characteristic in the form of a set of expressions for defining oscillators’ gains under amplification operation, the approximation functions of frequency relationships of reactive two-terminal networks impedances that form matching reactive four-terminal networks and the values of their elements’ parameters which are optimal in accord with the criteria of providing a given number of frequencies of signals being generated and the linearization of frequency control characteristics. The authors show that given and represented spectral characteristics of signals being generated in mathematical modeling using Mathcad and circuit simulation using Orcad for oscillators under study coincide adequately
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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