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Modeling of laser heating of a dielectric solid with a fractal structure


S.Sh. Rekhviashvili, D.Sh. Gavashili

This article presents a simple model of heating dielectric with a fractal structure, which is based on a nonlinear heat equation, fractal property of the material is considered only in the calculations of radiation energy loss and coefficient of thermal conductivity on temperature, which leads to a nonlinear heat equation. Displaying the numerical solution of the equation. With using numerical simulation shows that the presence of fractal leads to an overall increase in heating temperature. Performed detailed analysis of the impact parameters of laser irradiation on the heating process. Applying the formula Havriliak–Negami for describe the complex permittivity. We implemented a comprehensive approach to the analysis of the kinetics of thermal processes in dielectric fractal solids. Model is valid in the absence of gas-dynamic effects and effects associated with ionization and plasma formation

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