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Mechanisms of transformation the crowdions aggregates at passage of a longitudinal wave


A.V. Markidonov, M.D. Starostenkov, T.A. Tichonova, A.A. Barchu

Crowdion – one of the possible configurations of the interstitial atom. This concentration of atoms along the close-packed directions of the crystal lattice. Crowdion has high mobility, because it has a low potential barrier. Crowdions mechanisms observed during plastic deformation and nanoindentation. Such displacements of atoms are solitary wave, so motion crowdion study of nonlinear mechanics. Single crowdion studied enough. Clusters of interstitials and dislocation loops form aggregates crowdions by computer simulation. This article examines these units after the passage of a longitudinal wave. The experiment was conducted in three-dimensional crystal of aluminum by the method of molecular dynamics. The interaction between atoms is defined by a pair potential Morse. Cooperative atomic displacements are longitudinal waves are studied in the first part. The dependence of the energy of the crystal on the speed of the atoms and the number of atoms is shown. Crystal with interstitial atoms during the passage of the longitudinal waves is investigated in the second part. Single interstitial atom is transformed into a dumbbell is shown. It does not depend on the speed and direction of the wave. Several interstitial transformed into aggregates crowdions. Single crowdion shifts due to the waves, if their directions are the same. Displacement crowdion coincides with the direction of the wave. Otherwise crowdion transformed into a dumbbell. Energy oscillations are terminated due to the passage of waves through crowdion. Crowdions aggregates are more resilient shown. Flat unit shifts due to the wave, but it is not transformed into a dumbbell. Volumetric unit is divided into several parts because of the moving wave. Crowdions aggregates are stable configurations are shown in the article. Crowdions transformed from the high velocity of the wave. The article will be of interest to specialists of radiation material

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