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Reversible thermal gate


A.A. Balagur

Creation of new technologies requires materials with the set thermal conductivity in very wide ranges of temperatures. Thus the thermal conductivity factor is extremely sensitive to any parameters and changes of external factors. In article on the basis of the basic laws analytical dependences of factor of thermal conductivity in a wide range of temperatures are under construction. It is shown that on several reference points defined by physical properties of environment, it is possible to define precisely enough factor of thermal conductivity both for phonon, and for electronic mechanisms. For multilayered MIS (metal – insulator – semiconductor) and MNOS (metal – nitride – oxide – semiconductor) of the coverings having volume charges, the formulas describing dependence of thermal conductivity from potential of flat zones are received. Such protective multilayered coverings change thermal conductivity under the influence of external potentials and can be used as reversible thermal gates

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