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Calculations lead and functional units of modern vacuum technology unit complexes in static and dynamic modes


V.A. Vasin, E.N. Ivashov, S.V. Stepanchikov

The article deals with issues of efficiency drives and functional units of vacuum-technology unit complex electronic equipment, which is determined by the combined influence of a large number of parameters – performance, vibration resistance, accuracy, friction, wear and gassing. The calculation of basic parameters of drives based on the ℓ-coordinates. Noted that the equations of motion in the ℓ-coordinates is described only in linear terms, which are taken as the length of the six segments connecting the body with a fixed base so that, for given values of ℓ1, ℓ2, ..., ℓ6 forms a geometrically unchangeable structure. Examine the current state of the theory for calculating the basic parameters of drives controlled elastic deformation, which are hollow sealed spring elements, which action is based on pressure drop – inside, in the oral drive and external – in the environment. A mathematical model of the speed of functional devices based on the actuator is driven by elastic strain. The models establish a relationship between the rate of filling the inner cavity of the drive with compressed gas and a corresponding change in volume results in its deformation. The developed methods allow us to calculate and design the actuators and functional devices with a minimum level of pollution brought by, intended for use in static and dynamic conditions in modern vacuum technology modular complex electronic equipment
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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