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Development of picosecond time-analyzing electron-optical converter for biofluorestsentnyh research


M.A. Karpov, E.V. Egorova, D.R. Barskyi, V.I. Nefedov

Developed a special time-analyzing image converter for studying the dynamics of the fluorescence of organic compounds. As a result of the calculation of time-analyzing electron-optical image obtained by the configuration of the electrodes of the electron-optical system that forms the image with the scale of photoelectron transfer from the photocathode to screen M ≈ 0,68 and distortion of less than 2%, determined by their operating voltage. Calculated time resolution of the image intensifier tube with a voltage between the photocathode and the anode 5 kV. At a wavelength λ ≈ 500 nm around the working field photocathode, values less than 20 ps, a wavelength close to the border of sensitivity of about 10 ps. Calculations of electron-optical system made by mathematical modeling. To be arranged in the calculations was to determine the configuration of the electrodes, ensuring the formation of an electronic image with the desired spatial and temporal characteristics. Based on the calculations of design of the prototype IC, made sketch the design documentation in an amount sufficient to start the production of parts in the converter

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