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Extension of dipole approximation application in description of the hydrodynamic field of displacement body


V.V. Petrovskii, M.V. Petrovskaya

In order to simplify the hardware implementation and to increase performance of specialized computing systems the possibility of dipole representation application in calculation of the hydrodynamic pressure field of the displacement body on sufficiently close distance was proposed. Extension of the domain of applicability was achieved due to the introduction of adjusting parameters of duration and amplitude of negative half-wave of pressure which take into account modeling error concerning ellipsoid of rotation. Approximation coefficient reduction in duration was performed. The value of the reduced mean square error of approximation does not exceed 1%. Assessment of the mean square error of the dipole representation application with a glance of approximating function shows that the field of application of dipole approximation can be extended to near zone (but not closer than half of the body length) without a significant complication of the initial mathematical model. In this case the error does not exceed 5 %

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