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Design of complex art products mad of stone using Delcam Plc company solutions


G.M. Osheverov

Natural stone is becoming more widely used. Complicated artistic stone products are of high complexity and are made mostly with a large amount of manual labor, which increases the time of the order. It is necessary to change the phases of art and design-process design, equipment manufactures specialized computer facilities and equipment with numerical control (CNC) to reduce the time. Only an integrated approach allows us to obtain a result which satisfies customer requirements and ensures the competitiveness of the manufacturer. Using computer technology makes it possible at the design stage to work out a lot of product variants, to investigate its compatibility with other elements of the interior, to create a control program for CNC machines. Products that allow to solve complex art, design and technological tasks on the computer were created for automated pre-production. An important feature of this type of software is the ability to store finished art and technology solutions and their use alone or with modifications to make new products. This shortens the product development, helps to reduce its cost. Undoubtedly, the automation of production requires a significant investment. However, it alone can ensure the competitiveness of modern industry by achieving a high aesthetic quality of production, performance increased customer requirements, providing a wide range of products, economical material consumption, reduced performance time

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