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The sinergetic basis of effect of processing of seeds of cultural plants plasma radiations


J.A. Gordeev, A.D. Prudnikova

In the article are resulted theoretical and experimental data on bioactivation of seeds at early stages ontogenesis cultural plants. The basic questions, actions of plasma radiations concerning the mechanism on biological systems are considered. Recently more and more attention it is given to the questions, is connected th agriculture conducting in promptly changing climatic conditions and ecological crisis. Search of new ways is necessary for agriculture conducting in extreme conditions. Introduction in manufacture biophysically well-founded innovative agronanotechnologies of a preseeding irradiation of seeds plasma can become one of decisions of these problems. These technologies are capable to raise stability and as consequence, efficiency of cultures under adverse conditions of their growth and development. The results of joint experiments resulted in article had proved high efficiency and ecological compatibility of bioactivation of seeds of cultural plants by plasma radiations which possess variety stimulating growth and development of seeds by biologically active components. The agroecosystem as a whole, as well as a vegetative organism as a whole, is an open dynamic system in which a set of processes constantly proceeds. As well as any spontaneous system, points bifurcation are inherent in it, influencing on which in due time by external physical factors including plasma, it is possible to raise considerably efficiency as now the increasing urgency is got by a problem of influence on difficult biological systems of weak and superweak physical factors and radiations operating on a nanolevel. The major period in ontogenesis of plants is the period of germination of seeds. At this time not only there is a qualitative reorganization of biochemical processes, but also vegetative bodies of plants which define efficiency of use of solar energy, soil and water nutrients are put. In an agricultural science and practice various methods of influence on seeds - soaking, warming up, treatments fungicides both processing ростовыми by substances and microcells, nanopreparations are used. Now the increasing urgency is got by a problem of influence on difficult biological systems of weak and superweak physical factors and radiations operating on a nanolevel. Energy quanta render comprehensively directed power and alarm influence, in case of low-energy streams is an action of signals, that is power information. But there is a problem comprehensively directed actions of the big and small doses of ionizing radiation, and the question on stimulating action of small doses remains till now opened, despite numerous researches in this area. Interest to a problem is caused by prospect of use of the phenomenon of physical stimulation of plants for the purpose of increase in efficiency of plants and reception more a big crop. From the technological point of view the most safe is processing of seeds by plasma radiations. Seed, tuber or egg – the multilevel biological system, capable to perceive and react to signals of the various nature. In the course of germination (development) there is a sharp reorganization biochemical, biophysical, physiological, and other processes, various subsystems, first of all fermentative. At processing of a seed by plasma there is a complex influence by biologically active components of radiation. Perspectivity of plasma technologies in agriculture consists in possibility of purposeful management of processes in biological systems. Their basic advantage that objects of technologies - substances being in an active physical and chemical condition and accessible to management

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