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The study of Subcellular Distribution of Three Types of Photosensitizers in Human Cancer Cells by Laser Scanning Microscopy


A.A. Brilkina, L.V. Dubasova, I.V. Balalaeva, A.G. Orlova, E.A. Sergeeva, A.R. Katichev, N.M. Shakhova

Photodynamic therapy with implementation of photosensitizers is a recognized and perspective method of cancer treatment which allows to avoid damaging adjacent healthy tissues due to selective accumulation of photoactive agents mainly in tumor. Photoactive agents which are accumulated at perinuclear zone or in mitochondria are assumed to be the most promising for photodynamic therapy since they induce apoptotic processes in a cell. Laser scanning microscopy (LSM), one of the most informative optical techniques for imaging subcellular distribution of photosensitizer with high resolution and contrast, allows for dynamic observation of drug accumulation as well as analysis of its co-localization in specific organelles. We report on the study of accumulation dynamics and distribution of the three types of photosensitizers (Alasens-induced protoporphyrin IX, phthalocyanine Photosens and chlorine e6 derivative Fotoditazine) in bladder cancer T-24 line cells by means of laser scanning microscopy. It is demonstrated that photosensitizers with differing photochemical properties reveal different penetration and localization behavior. We found out that Alasens-induced protoporphyrin IX is partially localized in mitochondria and perinuclear region, while Photosens is mainly accumulated in lysosomes. Long-term imaging of Fotodytazine accumulation in cells demonstrated its accumulation in mitochondria and perinuclear region within the first hours followed by relocation in lysosomes after 24 hours. The revealed difference in photosensitizers distribution patterns can contribute into effective development of novel approaches in photodynamic therapy
May 29, 2020

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