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The Peculiarities of EEG Time-Frequency Structure In Patients of Early Stage of Parkinson Disease


Yu.V. Obukhov, M.S. Korolev, A.B. Karabanov, V.V. Gnezditski, E.Yu. Fedotova, A.V. Gabova, G.D. Kuznetsova, S.N. Illarioshkin

EEG time-frequency structure in 21 Parkinson (PD) patients with tremor-rigidity form in early stage of disease (1st stage of Hoen-Yahr scale) was investigated. Based on wavelet transform the special methods of estimation of pathological changed EEG were designed. It was revealed: 1) In patients of the 1st stage of PD also as in patients of the later stages of the disease the time disorganization of wavelet spectrogram of the EEG dominating diapason was observed. 2) In every investigated patient of 30 and less years old and in the most part of older group patients the dominating rhythm frequency was reliable more than in the background groups of the volunteers of the same ages. 3) EEG wavelet spectrogram comparison of the symmetrical brain areas in PD patients of the 1st stage the interhemispherical asymmetry of spectrogram local maximums distribution was revealed
May 29, 2020

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