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Decision of the International Agency for Research on the Cancer (IARC): Electromagnetic Fields of Vobile Phones as Possibly Carcinogenic to Cancer of Brain


Yu.G. Grigoriev

The brain began to be exposed to daily long influence of electromagnetic fields of a radio-frequency range for the first time for all period of a civilization. Electromagnetic fields are the harmful kinds of a radiation. The problem of probable development of a cancer of a brain at long use of the mobile phone has arisen in some years after wide use of mobile communication by the population of all age. During all period of research of this problem there was an opposition in scientific community on this problem. Two opposite points of view were expressed: the risk of development of a tumour of a brain at use of the mobile phone more than 10 years is increased, and the second point of view is : "there Is no also it cannot be". The international Agency on research of a cancer (IARC) at WHO published the message No 208 , May 31, 2011, in which classified radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as probably cancerogenic factor for the population (Group 2B). This decision concerns to use of the mobile phone and was based on the increased risk of development of a cancer of a brain glioma. In article the analysis of the long-term the studies, which have been carried out in many countries of the world on the given problem and which preceded this decision. On the basis of long-term epidemiological researches in 2004 have formulated the following conclusions by the Swedish scientists: 1. The increase of risk of development astrocitoma and acoustic neuroma on the ipsilateral side of a brain of users mobile and cordless phones is revealed. The highest risk was marked at > 10-years latency period. 2. Especially high risk of development of a tumour of a brain was received for people which have started to use mobile and cordless telephones at children's age (8-10 years). In this situation the risk of occurrence of a tumour of a brain can increase up to 5 times. However other studies which had financing from appropriate industry, denied an opportunity of development of a cancer of a brain at users of the mobile phone, for example, the epidemiological researches which have been carried out in Denmark, researches under the program "INTERPHONE" etc. Decision IARC has finished status in this opposition and has put before a society social and ethical problems, and above scientists necessity of definition of a degree of risk for the population, which active use of mobile communication. Essentially it is new stage of the organization and realization of the appropriate studies. Unfortunately, it is necessary to note, that in Russia the appropriate epidemiological studies, and also direct experiments with a problem “EMF of mobile phones and a cancer of a brain " till now were not carried out
May 29, 2020

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