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Modeling of processes of interaction of an internal with superficial projective zones


N.A. Korenevsky, R.A. Krupchatnikov, V.S. Titov, A.G. Ustinov

By works of domestic and foreign scientists it has been proved that interaction of an internal with superficial pro-jective zones and, in particular, with biologically active points is carried out on nervous ways through microzones reticular spinal cord formations. For the description of mechanisms of this interaction at power and information levels in work the mathematical models based on the theory of counts, generating models, models in the form of systems of automatic control and tabular models are offered. The analysis of behavior of these models allows to explain existence of three scenarios of change of power characteristics of projective zones depending on types of stages of development of pathological process. It is shown that use of graphic meridian models allows to raise quality of the decision of problems of forecasting and diagnostics of the diseases "presented" on biologically active points, and to make rational schemes of preventive maintenance and treatment of these illnesses.

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