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Features of using magnetotherapy at diabetic neuropathy


A.S. Chuev, M.N. Tsukanova, A.V. Novikov

Erectile dysfunction caused diabetic neuropathy, is the important social and medical problem all over the world. About 150 million men of a planet mark erectile insufficiency. The magnetotherapy is widely applied to treatment of inflammatory processes in urinary system. The therapeutic effect of a magnetic field at treatment erectile dysfunction is based on improvement of microcirculation, increase of permeability of membranes in a zone of influence, an increase of biochemical reactions speed, exchange processes, regeneration of the damaged tissues. In this work we made the magnetotherapy device, that allows to generate therapeutic electromagnetic fields with accidental distribution of spectral components in the field of sound frequencies, to program width of their spectrum and distribution of spectral structure inside of the chosen spectral range of frequencies, and adapt spectral structure of electromagnetic radiation for specific features of the patient and a pathology. Clinical tests have confirmed positive features of the developed device. After treatment there is an improvement of microblood circulation, restored the lost sexual function.

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