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Merit rating of detection and recognition of anomalies in signals by means of artificial immune systems algorithms


A.N. Obolensky, M.V. Artemenko, S.V. Degtyarov

In this article the way of detecting anomalies in signals using the algorithm, based on artificial immune system (AIS) is described. Computing experiment is to detect noise immunity of the software, based on this algorithm, in various test impacts. It is performed by automating the process of defining metrological characteristics while comparing etalon and test signals. The algorithm, underlying the software «Workstation of detecting anomalies in signals by means of artificial immune systems method», and which was used in the experiment, is presented. The results of the computing experiment have shown that the use of AIS allows to implement stable recognition of the signal with 40% noise level, classification of anomalies is possible with the noise level less then 30%.

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