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Forecasting of postoperative complications at urological patients on the basis of the combined rules of an indistinct conclusion


S.D. Dolzhenkov, С.В. Kharkov, V.N. Shevjakin

For the decision of a problem of forecasting of postoperative complications the system of twelve informative signs is generated. The carried out prospecting analysis has allowed to choose adequate mathematical apparatus of soft calculations and, in particular, the theory of confidence of E.Shortlif. During specially spent researches as informative signs it has been selected two: level of protection and quantity of leukocytes in sight. Second sign is defined by means of traditional techniques, and the special method is developed for first sign calculation using the information about power imbalance meridian structures of an organism and about its adaptable potential. During statistical tests for control samples it has been established that the received indistinct solving rules provide confidence of the aggravation forecast at level 0,9 and above that allows to recommend the received results in medical practice.

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