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Parametric bio impedance models for indentification of the live systems functional condition


Kaboos Derhim Ali Kassim, I.A. Klyuchikov, O.V. Shatalova, Ya Zar Doe

The modeling method presented in this work allows one to make a parametric model of bio impedance. This parametric model of the basic element of the tissue impedance is based on the three-element passive RC two-terminal network. The model is based on the general regression. Its’ approximation functions are defined by the calculation of the real and imaginary parts of the biological tissue of the three-element passive RC two-terminal network. The model differs in that it is synthesized on the basis of the general form of regression, function approximation is determined by computing the real and imaginary parts of the total electrical resistance of a three-element RC - two-terminal network. Parameters of the regression model of the general form match those of the three-element RC - two-terminal, and the initial value of the model parameters determined by the specially created tables derived from experimental studies and reflect the minimization of the error modeling for real and imaginary parts RC - two-terminal network. The model takes into account the dissipative properties of the graph by choosing Cole corresponding set of frequency sub-bands, in which the construction of mrdeli and classified by means of parametric biomaterial triads Algorithm to obtain a parametric model uses the entire frequency range of the selected segment. It calculates the tetrad informative features in the selected frequency segment and checks the adequacy of models. When a satisfactory value for a transition to a new calculation of the tetrad in the new frequency range. If the adequacy of the model is not satisfactory, then the data can be either ignored or included in the model maker. Also, it may be decided to change the criterion of adequacy.

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