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The Means of Trajectory Observation Control in a Two-Position Goniometric System


V.I. Merkulov, V.S. Chernov, S.G. Cherbaev, A.A. Lipatov, E.E. Shkutnik

This paper proposes a mean to forehand building of the required geometric configuration of the receiving positions (RP) and the source of radio emissions (SRE) relative location in order to minimize errors of SRE position measurement in the goniometric two-positions system (GTPS). For this purpose the polar coordinates of the SRE and RP are measured in the active radar system of the control point (CP). Then the SRE, leading RP and informational support RP orthogonal coordinates are estimated. The virtual target (VT) is placed at the right line that passes through the SRE and the informational support RP. The distance between the informational support RP and the VT is equal to acquisition range of the SRE signals by the RP direction-finder. The informational support RP required routing is calculated by the gradient method. At that the VT orthogonal coordinates are used instead the SRE orthogonal coordinates. The found required routing is transferred from the CP to the informational support RP. As a result the time to building of required configuration of RP and SRE relative location that allows to achieving the required precision of SRE position measurement is decreased. The distance traveled and fuel consumption of the informational support RP are lowered at the direction from CP phase. The efficiency of the GTPS application is increased at the direction finding of SRE by RP direction-finders.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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