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Efficient Synthesized Antenna Aperture in Case of Combined Phase Center Movement Trajectory


B.G. Tatarsky, E.V. Maystrenko

This article is a continuation of the analysis of the aperture synthesizing process in case of combining forward movement of the board radar carrier and the circular antenna phase center (APC) movement around the carrier mass center. The main attention is concentrated on the combined movement elements contribution to the creation of the synthesized aperture. A time limit is also pointed out, in which this contribution is most effective. An efficient synthesized aperture concept is introduced. Synthesizing process quality parameters of synthesizing process effectiveness are set out, and contributions of the APC combined movement elements to the synthesizing process is analyzed on that basis. It’s proved that the implementation of the efficient synthesized aperture makes it possible to create radar image of a target not worse than in case of the circular APC movement and convergent to the image in case of the forward APC movement and large coherent accumulation time limit. Conclusions about the degrees of combined movement elements contribution to the synthesizing process are formulated on the basis of the results of the accomplished research.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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