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Multiparameter Variational Identification of Dynamical Systems by The Combinied-Maximum Principle


A.A. Kostoglotov, A.I. Kostoglotov, S.V. Lazarenko, D. S. Andrashitov

This paper proposes a new method of parameter identification of dynamical systems, based on the combined use of the maximum principle. The proposed approach is based on the assumption that one of the reserves to further improve the efficiency of algorithms for parameter identification of dynamical systems is the use in the synthesis of the natural properties of the object in the form of the variational principles. Subject content of this approach in the present work was reflected in the application of the extended integral of the Hamilton - Ostrogradskii needle variations L.S. Pontryagin. Using this ratio provides an effective in terms of accuracy of the estimates, the convergence rate and reduce the computational cost identification algorithm in comparison with the Kalman filter, as demonstrated by the simulation results of the identification of model parameters of a dynamic system of second order.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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