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Method and Experimental Stand for Seminatural Measurements of Laser-Radar Characteristics of Objects in the Pavilion Without Echo


I.M. Khmarov, A.S. Vishnyakov, N.G. Kondrashov, A.V. Prokhorov

Measurements laser-radar characteristic of objects have great value for verification of experimentally-theoretical methods and mathematical models of definition of their optical visibility, and also for an estimation of possibilities of laser information systems. However at carrying out of seminatural and natural researches on opened lines there are the complexities connected with calibration (calibration) of signals, confidentiality questions, a problem of safety of environment. In article the method and measuring installation "Ruby" for maintenance of seminatural researches of the scattering cross-section (SCS) and differential SCS (DSCS) objects in the closed pavilion is considered. At measurements on the given installation of angular dependences SCS of objects in reception channels it is used single-element photodetectors, and for communication with the IBM - 3 channels ADC: background, alarm and synchronization. Thus the specialised software "Analyzer USB-3000" in a mode of real time makes subtraction of alarm both background channels and record of results in the virtual channel. In the course of measurements the length location lines provides reception of optical signals without influence of turbulence of atmosphere, and the minimum number "speckle" reflected from diffuse object (the size ~1 м2) on the reception aperture [8,9] makes fields:> 104 … 106 (depending on working length of wave The laser reception sending device). These factors in aggregate with narrow-band operating mode The laser reception sending device and a ruler of standards (2) provide precision measurement of angular dependence SCS of investigated object (or its scale physical model). For carrying out of measurements of spatial distribution SCS (differential SCS) objects digital chambers ultraviolet are entered into installation structure and a visible range, together with тепловизор, functioning in a range covering a range of work infrared of the laser. Thus in article the method and experimental installation for seminatural precision measurements laser-radar characteristic of objects in without echo pavilion which provide reception of their angular dependences SCS and differential SCS without influence of speckle-free of the reflected field and atmospheric distortions is presented and can be used for verification of experimentally-theoretical methods and mathematical models of definition of characteristics of an optical visibility of the set objects.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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