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Physical entropy and representation of numbers in the computer


S.P. Savelyev

According to the state educational standard of Russia the computer science is considered fundamental discipline along with physics, mathematics, chemistry, astrophysics, astronomy, biology, sciences about the earth... If in the physicist the basic concept for the description of the phenomena of the real world is the concept of a field (interaction), of chemistry – substances in computer science is the information presented as set of some conditions of objects, presented by numbers. Let's start with computer science definition as the science which are engaged in studying of laws, methods and ways of reception, storage, processing and information transfer on communication channels by means of the computer. In this definition that, first, the computer represents object of the physical world is important, and secondly, that the computer operates with the numbers presented in the form of power conditions of the subsystems. For the experimenter (project head) of the computer is the tool, the executor of actions (robot) and no more that, (experimenter) operating according to thought up it algorithm for reception of desirable result (new knowledge). All authentic data received in experiment by the experimenter for further use, lead to entropy decrease of the experimenter; forgetting such data – to increase in its entropy. Physical entropy and thereof also the information, are numbers, therefore the special role in the computer and in computer science as a whole is played by ways of representation of numbers as by means of numbers there is a possibility to designate a condition of investigated objects. The computer works with numbers (the data, the coded information). All numbers in it are natural with addition of zero and are represented as a set of conditions of the allocated quantity of binary cells (the information container). By means of the corresponding organization of memory, in the computer types of the data widely used in practice with sufficient computing accuracy can be presented: valid, whole, logic, symbolical and others. In this connection, for finding-out of physical bases of concepts of the information applied in computer science and entropy, it would be useful to construct some model of the natural numbers used in computing process of the computer, with its correlation with model of power conditions of any physical system. Such synthetic model could become the bridge between properties of physical entropy and representation of the information in the form of numbers in the computer.

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