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Тhе sorting and separation in complex dinamics systems


D.P. Danilaev, M.P. Danilaev, Y.E. Polskiy

In that time researches of complex systems is called for their simulation refinement and development. One of the most interesting complex systems simulator method is based on generalized multimode models. The «state modes» and «behavior modes» are used in that simulator method for complex system description. The sorting problems solution of «state mode» is very important in the practical. The sorting is the process of «state modes» selection and differentiation taking into account physical features and accepted restrictions allowance. Special case of sorting is the separation – complex system’s state modes physical differentiation or selections process. The state modes sorting and separation problem solution approach in complex systems generalized multimode models and it formalization is considered in this paper. The complex systems generalized multimode model formalized by kinetic equations is universal for solving problem of «state mode» sorting and separation. This approach can be applied for quantitative and qualitative analysis of sorting and separation «state mode» problem.

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