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Programmed Technologies and Guidance Systems


V.A. Sarytchev

For more than 40 years OAO «NPP «Radar mms» has been designing self-directing systems and in 20 year period it is efficiently interacting with scientific school of V.V. Alexandrov. The approach of this school to intellect properties of information systems detection was implemented in self-directing systems of precision-guided non-nuclear weapons (PGW). The PGW guiding system as highly packed with computational power product allows to adapt it's functioning logic for the task to be solved including heavy electronic countermeasures situations without modifying it's structure and adjustments. At this stage the information technology of soft defined radio (SDR) is being implemented, the functions of guiding system are switched only by software means. Recently OAO «NPP «Radar mms» implements this approach to embed PGW into net-centric operations. During the last years OAO «NPP «Radar mms» had faced the difficult problem – deficiency of personnel combined with decreasing level of engineering education and in fact liquidation of secondary polytechnic education. This problem has become a subject of consideration at a number of Russian and international engineering education conferences and seminars in which OAO «NPP «Radar mms» is actively taking a part. In arrangements of educational process OAO «NPP «Radar mms» has tried to implement synthetic training courses supposed accordingly to cybernetic canons to encompass the entire subject area and to draw students attention to deep analogy of technologies developed by narrowly specified scientific disciplines. To popularize scientific knowledge among scholars and students OAO «NPP «Radar mms» publish «The proceedings of All-Russian scientific readings «Science-technic problems in industry: The future of strong Russia is in hi-tech».
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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