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Info-Communication: Convergence of Technologies NBICS (NANO-BIO-INFO-COGNO-SOCIO)


V.V. Alexandrov

The historical development of info-communication is the brain cephalization and the development of human intelligence. The evolution of info-communication in universality of communicative forms with simultaneous tendency to reveal their specific differences caused by different social and cultural experience. Hence, the different cognitive models. One of the modern routs of progress techgnosis-society-culture (TSC) is related to notion of trans humanism — the liberation of human race from it's biological limitations, integration of technology for radical prolongation of human life cycle and amplification of intellectual and physical abilities. Many postulates of information society appeared to be groundless. And technological «stealthies» - nanotechnologies had resulted in digital info-communication civilization and trans humanism. The primary features of modern information systems are: programmed technology of processor processing, control and memory. Innovative physics and emerged computers caused necessity in cognitive technologies (COGNO). Digital programmed technology is actively developing due to multiplicative effect of info-communication (Moore's law and internet technologies) and recently is being an attractor of NBICS (NANO-BIO-INFO-COGNO-SOCIO) convergence, supplying replication and distribution of innovations, creating surplus value of knowledge economics for all social strata. The electronic family of Steve Jobs did not become a manifest of progress (as computer did), but a mean to tame it. IPad had crept up to our intimate life to change it and us. Computer — is nearly a colleague, helper which waits for us on working place in working time to fairly perform the service functions. The computer is for work, electronic service makes life easier. The service functions suppress human intellect. The need for continuous real time re-education emerges. The knowledge is presented as «dictionaries - recipe books», barcodes, terminal programs instead of texts, logistics instead of linguistics. The inner content of programs remains unknown for society. But unique identification allows creation of automated systems for logistics and marketing.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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