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Hybrid Codecs and Application in Digital Programmed Data Transmission Channels


S.V. Kuleshov

The history of technology data transfer and processing shows a transition from the specialized methods and algorithms for encoding data to be transmitted to unified systems. The idea of separation is something in common in a homogeneous flow of data content and its transmission once led to the development of the principle of separation of content delivery. In terms of technological solutions organize the process of separation with the use of info-communications presentation, it is proposed to use the concept of hybrid codec. Hybrid codec pack is called the transformation of data transmitted via a digital data channel, and this unit is constructed of a series of standardized elements, each of which implements a particular stage of processing, and a specific combination of units is optimized for a specific target. Technology-based hybrid codec can be a useful infrastructure solution, being focused on the data, being built on top of the well-known model ISO/OSI.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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