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Automata Networks and Computers: the History of Development and Modern State


V.A. Torgashev

In a time being the computers based on The John von Neumann architecture are dominating the world which became widespread mainly due to von Neumann's nigh scientific authority allowed initiation of digital computing machines creation projects. Even modern super computers containing hundreds of thousands processors preserved von Neumann's architecture. The main alternative to von Neumann's architecture are automata network (AN), every automate belonging to the AN is a monofunctional i.e. executing the only function which can be modified by external effects. The living nature does not contain any analog for von Neumann's architecture, but AN are present everywhere. The drawbacks of von Neumann's architecture are becoming more evident in course of time. AN (as foresighted by nature) does not separate into hardware and software. In a 50 year period of time the author has been proving the benefits of AN compared to traditional architecture.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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