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3D-Technologies and Cognition Programming


V.V. Alexandrova, A.A. Zaytseva

The development of digital programmed technologies has led to the possibility of a direct digitization of 3D-objects, 3D-computer modeling, in which demand creative cognitive properties of the mind, and replication of objects. Unlike traditional programming methods, based on specific languages and computer operating system, cognitive programming is based on advanced interface of applications and services, bringing informal creative process into digital form. Thus, cognitive programming is a digital simulation of the creative process. The relevance of cognitive programmed technologies associated with efficient replication and distribution of digital copies of products on telecommunications networks. Cognitive chain of complex spatial shapes digital copies of products (DCP)) appearance includes the creative, cognitive design and creation of a digital image of the project (DOP). The next stage of the 3D-technology - cognitive programming, adaptation of DOP – digital processing of the object for transmission, broadcasting, simulation of the DCP under the 3D-printer technology required. The main problem is caused within the compatibility of the DOP resolution and the 3D-prototyping technology. Digital programmed 3D-technology requires changes in copyright politics at every stage of the production. Cost-effectiveness of this technology is that it is cleaner and a sufficiently low cost mass production. The difficulty lies in the need for qualified professionals and the creation of cost-effective consumables, that is a matter for the near future.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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