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Use of Diffraction Radio Waves in Radar Aims: Methodology and Some Results of Efficiency Estimate


S.S. Gremiachensky, Yu.B. Nechaev, D.N. Borisov

Purpose of the article is effectiveness estimation one of methods in the decision of problem creating airborn radar system will allow to detect of the low-contrast aero objects flying at small altitudes. Considered method is founded on using the double diffraction effect arising at the two-position interaction radar waves with irradiated object. The effect possess the unique attribute to be independent from reflectivity irradiated object and consequently it is very useful at for detecting of the low-contrast objects. For estimation efficiency given method, was developed the required methodical approach and was carry out the numerical estimation, and this article is devoted the description of that all. As shown the obtained results, diffraction airborn radars has well practical perspectives for detection of the low-flying aero apparatus.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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