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Near Beginnings of Autodyne Research in the USSR


G.B. Malykin, V.Ya. Noskov, S.M. Smolskiy

Autodyne oscillators have found their first and extremely gross production as high-sensitive radar sensors during the II World War in proximity fuses for artillery shells, mines, rockets and aviation bombs, which were produced in the U.S.A., the U.K., and Canada. A history of radar application of autodynes in the Soviet Union began at the end of 1944 after secret-service receiving the detailed documentation and the sample of the complete autodyne proximity fuse as well as after publication the description of electrical diagram and construction in journal Electronics. As a result of materials investigations in this directions, I.L. Berstein for the first time formulated and correctly solved the problem on the influence on the self-oscillating system of the proper signal reflected from the mover target. His results representing the considerable contribution to the autodyne theory, were published in journal Radio Engineering in 1946 (65 year ago). Qualitatively new possibilities on development of autodyne theory and engineering were appeared with the discoveries of laser. The essential contribution in the pioneer investigation were done by Berstein as well. To solve the problem of the reflection influence on the laser operation Berstein used the developed by him the autodyne approach. In his researches on laser theme he fulfilled the theoretical investigation of diffused laser emission upon the variation of amplitude and phase of the gas laser emission with Fabri-Perot resonator. He calculated the threshold value of the reflected signal detected on the basis of the laser reaction and obtained the experimental results confirming the unique sensitivity of laser autodynes. Evaluating after 65 years the significance of the pioneer activity of I.L. Berstein in the field of the theory of self-oscillating systems and autodynes, it is impossible not to admit the extremely wide circle of his scientific interests, the fundamental character of obtained results starting the oriented scientific research of autodynes in the USSR and the solution of important applied tasks.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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