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Reducing Computational Expenses Using Integral Equations of Second Kind to Analyze Eclectic Antenna Systems


M.A. Buzova, V.V. Yudin

This article is about computational expenses reduce while using algorithm based on integral equations of second kind. Algorithm of electrodynamics analysis eclectic antenna systems using hybrid methods is discussed. Eclectic systems incorporate slightly curved electrically lengthy plate scatterers. Hybrid methods that are built on integral equations of second kind and physical optics are then used to analyze such scatterers. This allows to reduce computational expenses. The reduce happens due to two factors: “roughen up” approximation in part of integral equation region that is used in physical optics. That factor could be described by ratio of number of segments in suggested method to a number of segments in known method. fast descent of integral in equation of second kind when view point is moved away from source point (compared to the equation of first kind). That effect shows on slightly curved thin plate scatterers and it allows to get sparse matrixes of systems of linear equations and further use of effective algorithms to work with them. Article lists results of numerical experiments that were held to evaluate method effectiveness. Results showed that developed algorithm is more effective than known method, being even more effective as the size of object increases.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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