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The Problems to Implement the Remote Control for Radio Technical Devices in Multiple Access Mode


M.V. Zagvozdkin, D.V. Filippov

In the article the principles of the system remote control for radio technical devices in multiple access mode. In implementing the multiple remote control mode the developers of the remote control system need to decide the following range of problems: select construction models; the choice of technology organizations; separation of access rights; select a software platform for the implementation of the construction model and technology organization. To implement the multiple remote control mode as a model for constructing a network model was chosen system with a centralized data storage. As the technology of the considered mode a client-server technology has been selected, which is implemented as a model of "thin" client. Access rights are at the level of groups of radio receivers (RR). Operators assigned to a specific group sing, can manage only the commutation of RR, which belong to this group. To implement the chosen model structure and technology of the organization of information exchange in a model of "thin" client the technology for creating Web applications and Web services from Microsoft - ASP.NET has been selected.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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