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Use of Graphics Processing Units in the Simulation of Processes for Receiving and Processing Signals in the Antenna Arrays


I.Y. Kolchugin, A.P. Trofimov

At the present time, there was a considerable interest in the use of graphics processing units (GPU) for all kinds of calculations (not graphic). This interest is associated with a significant GPU performance, as well as the relative ease of writing programs for the use of GPU performance for calculations. One of the particular applications for general GPU calculations is a signal processing in antenna arrays (AA). Signal processing from antenna arrays, as a rule, is very compound problem, both in terms of calculation and algorithms. The calculation complexity of signal processing from AA is particularly shown in the presence of large number of antenna elements, or channels of processing in AA, as a rule, a large number of AA elements is required for solving problems of direction finding, radio monitoring and radiolocation. The implementation of the radiation patterns (RP) calculation on the GPU enables to calculate in real-time RP of complex multibeam AA considering the mutual influence of elements, as well as the influence of the Earth and the other surrounding structures. Obtaining appropriate (close to real) RP of multibeam AA in real time, allows in some cases significantly increase the performance of direction-finding algorithms with super-resolution and adaptation algorithms of AA RP. Most digital signal processing algorithms in AA can be reduced to the procedures of linear algebra, which allows efficient use of high performance GPU for signal processing in AA. The current GPU and software development, and various libraries, allow to use them for practically any signal processing in AA, enhancing performance and increasing the technical characteristics of various systems using digital AA.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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