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Basic provisions of methodology of research of efficiency of functional systems of information security


L.E. Mistrov

In modern conditions emergence of the market relations, and in this regard and emergence of competitive fight for use of these or those resources, sharply aggravated a problem of ensuring the set efficiency of application of various level and type of the large-scale organizations in various forms of target actions. On set of sistemoopredelyayu-shchy signs these organizations represent the difficult functional organizational and technical systems (FS) including in the structure big set of organizational, organizational and technical, technical systems and complexes. Decision-making in FS is carried out on the basis of information, absence or which distortion leads to untimely or erroneous decision-making and causes an urgency of methods and means of information security (IB). The organizational and functional structure of IB methods is based on interconnected with the FS corresponding elements of IB systems of level organizational and technical, the IB technical systems and complexes of the zone, group (objektovy) and individual IB which application is based on hierarchical system of standard kernels of the conflict. Permission of information uncertainty of application of various level of elements of IB FS system is based on hierarchical system of methods (techniques) of an assessment of efficiency. Updating of a method of the central points is put in a basis of system of methods (techniques), allowing at an appropriate level of IB system to estimate efficiency of its elements on information, information and system and system (integrated) indicators of efficiency. Thus research of efficiency of application of FS as a part of managing directors, executive and information elements is considered on the basis of conflict representation in the form of imitating process with digitization on stages of conducting defensive and reciprocal (offensive) actions, process formalization by means of final difference the equations without postaction for application of a method of dynamic programming, justification of strategy of optimum control by IB system and search of its optimum option lying on crossing of maksiminny strategy of behavior of the competing parties.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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