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Modelling the computation process of the remote control and monitoring GPS/GLONASS/GSM modular device


A.L. Ganjushkin, E.A. Bolvachyov, V.A. Ignatjuk

In article the description of the device of remote management and monitoring of the modular type GPS/GLONASS/GSM executed on modules WISMO 218 and GLONASS/GPS is presented. Device debugging is spent; coordination of the basic knots; levels of signals; reports of data transmission of the made modules; laboratory research of modules, for the purpose of preliminary debugging of algorithm and the software of devices is executed; updating of the developed schemes by results of tests. The technique of debugging of the device consisted in working out of electric basic schemes of modules GSM/GPRS, GLONASS/GPS, in working out of printed-circuit boards according to electric basic schemes, inclusion and debugging of modules, studying of operating reports and commands, the NMEA-report, AT-commands accordingly, and as simplification a writing of the software of the microcontroller.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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