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Equivalence of the Preparation «Protub-4®» to Analogue «Kombitub®»


K.I. Usov, G.G. Yushkov, M.M. Rasulov, A.S. Gushchin

Defined identity of pharmacological properties of a preparation « Protub-4®», to the registered analogue corresponding on structure  to a preparation «Kombitub®» manufactures Cimpex Pharma PVT. LTD. (India). Bioequivalence researches are executed on nonlinear white rats. Defined the maintenance in blood of the basic components – rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamid and etambutol hydrochloride. Bioequivalence, i.e. a parity of the total areas concluded under curves of dependences of concentration of components of compared preparations and expressed in percentage has appeared: for rifampicin – 3%, for isoniazid – 6%, for pyrazinamid – 1% and for etambutol – 9%. It means, that tablets «Protubas-4», covered with a cover, Open Society «Pharmasyntes» manufactures bioequivalences to tablets «Kombitub», covered with a cover, manufactures Cimpex Pharma PVT. LTD (India).

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