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Нysteretic magnetoresistance in stress controlled magnetic memory device


Y. Dusch, V. Rudenko, N. Tiercelin, S. Giordano, V. Preobrazhensk, P. Pernod

We present here a concept of data recording in memory devices based on spin reorientation transition in magnetostrictive films or stress-mediated multiferroics. Retrieval of information can be non-destructively made by GMR reading. The principle of reading is demonstrated experimentally on a stress controlled FeCo(2nm) /TbCo2(6nm) /FeCo(2nm)(2nm) /Cu(3nm) /FeCo(2nm) /TbCo2(4nm) /FeCo(2nm) nanostructured layer.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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