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Analysis of the random nature jumps which arise in the ferroelectric at electromechanical loading


L.V. Zhoga, V.V. Zhoga, V.N. Nesterov, V.V. Terekh, M.I. Dmitruck

In recent decades, polycrystalline ferroelectric PZT-type compounds are widely used in electronics, piezo technology, underwater acoustics, solid-state electronics and instrumentation engineering, medical engineering and other fields. Barkhausen effect is a sensitive method for studying the influence of external and internal factors on the dynamics of the restructuring of the domain structure. We consider the evolutionary dynamics of the variable i(t), measured at a certain time interval T. For the classification of the information contained in the correlation function, it is proposed to analyze the power spectrum (Fourier transform) S(f) (f  frequency). Analysis of experimental data conducted in the framework of the motion of 180° and 180°-domain walls in the light of internal mechanical stresses. Carried out computer simulations of the polarization dependence of the current time, according to the model equations (2)(4) and the theoretical dependence obtained (Fig. 2a). With the help of fast Fourier transform obtained for the dependence of the polarization current from time to time i(t) the spectrum of its noise S(f) for the simulated values. From the graphs of the spectral density for the experimental data and data obtained by the simulation shows that the appearance of Barkhausen jumps due to kinetic processes as well as the value of the dimensionless quantity n = 0,8 for the experimental data and n = 0,78 for the obtained data the simulation is close to unity.

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