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Determining the location of objects using inertial sensors in mobile devices


H.M. Saleh

At the present time the increase of interest to the opportunity of determining the location of some object is observed. The tendencies of mobile device development constantly bring to a great amount of new functions and capabilities in mobile devices. One of such results is modernization of a great number of new devices with inertial sensors which are widely used in different infotainment applications. However there is a possibility to use this hardware to solve the problems of navigation indoor which become more and more urgent because of the expansion in the number of building projects with difficult infrastructure. The present work objective is the investigation of accuracy of determining the location of objects with inertial sensors in mobile devices. The article is devoted to questions of development of inertial navigation system for handheld devices and development of navigation algorithms on the basis of using accelerometers and gyroscopes in a mobile phone to track the movement of a walking person. To track the location of an object with the help of a mobile device the algorithm of step detection based on the threshold is used. The point is that a step has occurred whenever a value above the threshold value is followed by a value below the threshold.

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