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The mathematical modelling and circuit simulation of oscillators and frequency modulators with a parallel-connected three-terminal nonlinear element and feedback path to be placed ahead of a resistive four-terminal network and after it


A.A. Golovkov, A.V. Ragozin

In article the algorithm of parametrical synthesis of generators and the frequency modulators containing tripolar a nonlinear element, multiplanimetric systems, resistive two-port networks and feedback chains, by criteria of maintenance of the set number of frequencies of generated signals and increases in a quasilinear site modulation characteristics with the account of frequency dependences of elements of matrixes of parametres tripolar nonlinear elements is developed. Tripolar a nonlinear element and a feedback chain as two two-port networks are connected under the parallel circuit design. Such algorithms in the known literature are absent now. At the decision of problems of synthesis it is used immittance criterion of stability. It is shown that a consequence of this criterion is following position: to an excitation condition there corresponds equality of the valid component of a denominator of factor of transfer of the generator/modulator in a strengthening mode to some negative number at equality of an imaginary component to zero. The set and realised spectral characteristics of generated signals at mathematical modelling in system «Mathcad» and circuit simulation in system «Orcad» of investigated generators well coincide.

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