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Field-effect transistor on the basis of silicon nanowire


D.E. Presnov, S.V. Amitonov, V.A. Krupenin

Compatible with CMOS process preparation techniques of textured ferroelectric nanostructures on the base of PZT thin films are developed. Key issues of precursor synthesis governing crystalline and electrical properties of heterostructures prepared by chemical solution deposition (CSD) are discovered. It is shown that alkoxide root based on dissolution of titanium and zirconium alkoxides in methoxyethanol and reaction with the lead acetate results in a higher structural perfection in contrast to metal organic decomposition (MOD) technique. Crystallization process of PZT layer in ferroelectric Si-SiO2/ (PSG)–Ti/ (TiO2)-Pt-PZT capacitor structure of ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) is studied. It is shown that crystallization of PZT layer proceeds directly on {111} platinum interface in the correspondence with its crystalline structure. Heterogeneous nucleation of perovskite grains on the interface dominates in system with low degree of interface boundary in platinum layer. Possibility of practical realization of the developed process in 200 mm FRAM manufacturing is demonstrated.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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