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Numerical modeling of super-long wave propagation in magnetosphere of the Earth


D.S. Lukin

On a basis bi-characteristic system the numerical modeling of super-long wave propagation in Earth’s magnetosphere for various magnetosphere models is given. The opportunity of focusing formations (caustic structures) at propagation super-long waves in the diffusion-equilibrium magnetosphere of the Earth is shown. The topology of caustics, intensity of a field on caustics is investigated. The opportunity is shown to explain the phenomena inherent to the mechanism of canalization of super-long wave propagation without the duct theory attraction. The comparison with experimental data received from the artificial satellites of the Earth is carried out. For diffusion-equilibrium model of distribution of electron and ion concentrations in the magnetosphere and dipole approximation of a magnetic field of the Earth the structure of a field of super-long waves in a vicinity of caustics is investigated. It is shown, that the sections of fields in a caustic vicinity constructed as a result of numerical modeling, coincide with experimental data received at flight of caustic areas by the artificial satellites of the Earth.

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