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Investigation of regular and stochastic dispersion in wideband high-frequency ionospheric radio channels


D.V. Ivanov, V.A. Ivanov, N.N. Mikheeva, M.I. Ryabova

Scientific research problem of distortion of signals propagation in media with frequency dispersion remains relevant by reason of development radio. The development of the space-time geometric theory of diffraction has allowed the scientific team led by prof. D.S. Lukin create a uniform space-time geometrical theory of diffraction signals in dispersive media, which is based on the theory of space-time accidents. This paper presents the results of the research team headed by prof. V.A. Ivanov, using a phenomenological approach, where the main characteristics of the propagation environment are given on the basis of relations derived empirically. The following results: the technique of polynomial filtering experimental to separate regular and stochastic components using physical approach for the synthesis of a regular dispersion characteristic in the approximation of a parabolic multilayer segmentation of electron density profile, a device for determining the experimental HF radio links of any length, which is based created in the Volga State University of Technologies ionosonde with continuous linear-frequency-modulated signal. Studies residual component of dispersion characteristics HF radio link in low ionospheric disturbances, revealed that it is random, has a normal distribution with the first moment of zero, the value of the second moment increases as the work frequency of the channel approaches to the maximal observed frequency, night value of the second time more than a afternoon value.

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