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Kirlian effect in biomedical diagnostic and studying of bioenergetical properties of biological objects and water


I. Ignatov, O.V. Mosin

The effect of a luminescence of objects of the various nature, including biological objects (human organs and tissues), in variable electric fields of high electric intensity and frequency (Kirlian effect) is a version of electro luminescence and has been known more than two centuries. At putting in an electromagnetic field of a high tension and frequency of various bodies, they start to let out characteristic light of various intensity and colors on which it is possible to judge properties of investigated object. Imperfection of the equipment used for visualization of this effect for a long long time interfered with its deeper studying. And only due to the Russian inventor S.D. Kirlian who have developed in 1930-40, a method of "high-frequency photographing" (kirlianography) Kirlian effect has received wide popularity in Russia and abroad as a method of experimental researches of electromagnetic fields and bioenergetical interactions of biological objects e.g. human organs and tissues. The greatest scientific-practical interest is represented with researches of a luminescence of biological objects, basically, a human organism and its organs and water, as the basic substance of life. In present paper are submitted data about application of Kirlian effect in biomedical diagnostic.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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